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We are an independent infrared testing consultant. We use state of the art thermographic imaging equipment in order to identify problems in a variety of situations.

We provide infrared electrical, roof moisture, mechanical and building envelope inspection services. We provide infrared testing services for Commercial, Industrial, and Residential clients nationwide. Our clients include safety managers, facilities managers, building managers, building maintenance managers and building owners.

Infrared surveys performed by our experienced Thermographers provide a significant advantage to your preventative or predictive maintenance programs.

Infrared Testing is one of the most widely recognized forms of non destructive testing (NDT) in use today. testing can be an important component of your overall preventive maintenance program.

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What We See

Therma-Scan is an inspection and consulting company only.

We gain nothing from selling products, do not offer any training, and remain independent.

We provide the finest infrared inspections by top trained thermographers.

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